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Polycarbonate Connection Profiles

  • Product Name:  Polycarbonate Connection Profiles
  • Product Details:  Polycarbonate Connection Profiles

Hongyu’s interconnecting Polycarbonate profiles connect sheets and cover structural connections and allow the covering of large areas, especially semi-transparent roofing, without obstructing the incoming light at the connecting points.
The profiles do not add structural strength; they are flush with the sheet and can be bent at the minimal radius permitted by the sheet. Profiles are protected from UV damage by a special protective layer over external surfaces. Unobstructed light through the sheet connections.
Product Specifications
1) Maximum width: U-structure & H-structure
2) Length
3) Thickness 4/6/8/10/16mm
4) Colors: clear, blue, green, opal, brown, bronze, etc.
5) Light transmission : 80%–90% for different thickness(clear color)8
6) UV Protection: one side or both sides UV blªCking layer with thickness of 50μm filtering about 99% ultraviolet radiation
7) Impact strength: 850J/m about 200 times of glass, 20 times of acrylic sheets Light weight: About 1/2 times of glass .
9) Specific gravity: 1.2 g/cm
10) Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.065 mm/mªC
11) Service temperature range: -40ªC to 120ªC
12) Heat conductivity: 2.3-3.9 W/m2 ªC
13) Tensile strength: >60N/mm2
14) Flexural strength: 100N/mm2
15) Modulus of elasticity: 2,400mPa
16) Tensile street at break: >65mPa
17) Elongation at break: >100%
18) Specific heat: 1.16J/kgk
19) Heat deflection temperature: 140ªC
20) Soundproof index: 4mmthickness–27dB, 5mm–28dB, 6mm–29dB, 8mm–31dB, 10mm-32dB 12mm–34dB
21) MOQ: 10MT
22) Lead time: 10 days
23) Payment: T/T or L/C at sight